Business Areas

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The following are some of the main areas in which we provide services. if you wish to discuss any in detail, please contact us.

Building and construction

The construction industry in Ireland is currently very active. In terms of claims there are significant regulations in place as well as procedures to be followed. Unfortunately claims often tend to be serious. Construction has its own set of particular skills along with Codes of Practice to match. Establishing and understanding the different parties and their potential liabilities is a basic part of this work. Construction sites change on a daily basis so a quick response can be necessary.

General Liability Claims (El/PL)

We deal with everything from the regular slip/fall type accidents to incidents in factories and public venues. Assaults and Defamation feature regularly. CCTV is an important deterrent but when something untoward happens detailed analysis is often needed. As with many other claims there are significant statutory requirements as well. We interview witnesses and management as well as gathering useful background information. A photograph can say a thousand words. We provide a comprehensive set of photographs to help describe what happened along with other appropriate supporting evidence.

Products Liability

Products Liability can arise in a multitude of ways and it is important that cover issues are clearly identified. We establish the scope of the problem and if there has been a “trigger” for the claim presented. The insured is often ideally placed to explain what should have happened with their product or service. Evidence of what did happen is usually there to be collected. Identifying and understanding the parties and their roles is key to handling these matters. Related policies cover product recall and brand contamination giving rise to even more complex cases that we have experience of running.

Bullying and harassment

This type of claim can tend to be very complex. The landscape was changed significantly by the Ruffley decision in the Irish Supreme Court. Specific documents need to be in place along with regulatory requirements. There are often a large number of allegations each of which needs to be investigated. We use high level analytical skills to present reports that are both accessible and meaningful.

Professional Indemnity

For many years this type of insurance and claim was confined to the better known “professions”, Solicitors, Accountants, Engineers and the like. We have dealt with these cases over the years and we have a good understanding of how to examine the processes involved, comparing what happened to what should have been done. Importantly we must try to establish if the alleged failure caused or contributed to the loss. Are there other contributing parties or factors? The reason that the blank business card “works” in the picture above is that many others are being drawn into the arena of PI cover including builders and allied trades, salons and e-commerce sites. We can provide quality claims services in all such potential areas.

Schools and Child Care

Schools claims tend to be very interesting. With careful investigation and gathering of evidence, there is often a chance that they can be successfully defended. While the “In Loco Parentis” principle applies in both schools and pre-schools, there tends to be more specific regulation in the preschool setting.


They say that to truly understand Farming you must be born into it. Even better if that person also has suitable qualifications and many years of experience. Ireland relies on agriculture but it is also one of the greatest risk areas. Accidents tend to be serious and there is a growing raft of advice and regulation that a farmer must attend to if accidents are to be avoided and claims defended or compromised as appropriate.


Motor claims present a wide variety of incidents. The insured’s views and the quality of the evidence that they can give will be very important. Added to this there will be input from potential witnesses and from gardai. It is important to identify as an early stage if the instruction of a consulting engineer or other expert will be necessary. CCTV is increasingly a feature in such claims. Photographs and measurements can help to decide liability. We look at the relevant factors in a tailor made response to each individual claim before reporting.

Outdoor pursuits

The popularity of outdoor activities has been growing in Ireland for many years. Claims tend to be varied but once again it is very important that the adjusters involved in examining these claims have an interest in this kind of activity as well as a deep appreciation of the significant body of case law that is in existence. There is a growing realisation in the courts that accidents really can happen and that claims in this category deserve great scrutiny.


Horses are unpredictable animals and the injuries arising from incidents in this sector can be significant. It has proved invaluable to have knowledge of this industry to allow for effective investigation and handling of Third Party claims. Injury to valuable bloodstock can occur as a result of an accident such as with a motor car or may be dealt with under a specialist policy. Either way it is essential that the Adjuster has a deep appreciation of the industry as well as the contacts to assess value


We have dealt with many complex claims involving unfavourable outcomes at hospitals, care providers and doctor’s surgeries across the country. The medical landscape can present major challenges with a range of doctors and consultants being involved. They and other experts and care givers have different relationships with the establishments where they work. Couple this with the situation in serious cases where a patient may be transferred from one hospital to another at a crucial time and a very complex set of circumstances can arise. While expert medical evidence may be necessary as such cases develop, we believe that early detailed investigation can help in setting the matter off in the right direction from the start.